The Adventures of Lego SpongeBob is a show that may be coming to YouTube sometime in 2020.

Season 1: Edit

1a: The Pilot: SpongeBob and Patrick start their own show!

1b: Gary World: Gary gets a theme park named after him!

2a: Return to Tentacle Acres: Squidward returns to Tentacle Acres!

2b: Patrick’s New Ride: Patrick gets a new boatmobile!

3a: Way Up There: Patrick wonders what it is like to be beyond Bikini Atoll. (Takes place after “Pressure”)

3b: Snail in a Tree: Gary gets stuck in a tree!

3c: Bikini Bottom Blackout: After SpongeBob and Patrick watch TV and run their blender at the same time, Conch Street goes through a blackout.

4a: Stuck in a Bottle: For one of his evil plans, Plankton traps SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward in a bottle.

4b: The Wonders of the Pillow Foundry: How pillows are made at the Pillow Foundry.

5a: If the Shoe Fits...: SpongeBob worries he has outgrown his shoes.

5b: Robot‘s Sitcom Night: An inner look at what happens at night with RobotBob ChefPants, Toaster, and Trash Robot.

5c: The Cheese War: A memorable part of history begins after Patrick sprays his Cheese Fizz on SpongeBob‘s house.

6a: Back to the Past: SpongeBob and Patrick meet their ancestors, SpongeBuck and Pecos Patrick.

6b: Squeaky Returns: SpongeBob and Patrick discover the horrible news that Squidward has deflated their balloon, Squeaky!

7a: Drain-Bow: All the color in Bikini Bottom disappears!

7b: Prank You for Your Service: After SpongeBob sets up pranks for the next person to arrive at his house, chaos ensues!

7c: Krusty Kola: After the Krusty Krab runs out of customers, Mr. Krabs invents a new soda to bring them back.

8: When Aliens Attack!: Aliens abduct Bikini Bottom, and it is up to SpongeBob and Patrick to save them!

9a: No-Script Day: SpongeBob and Patrick start celebrating a new holiday called No-Script Day, when things go awry.

9b: The Hole Problem: A sinkhole mysteriously appears in the middle of Bikini Bottom.

10a: Pool Rivals: It’s the first day of summer, and SpongeBob and Patrick both set up pools, but rival over whose pool is better.

10b: PatBob StarPants: SpongeBob and Patrick switch bodies for a day.

11a: Car Trouble: Squidward’s car breaks down and SpongeBob and Patrick try to fix it.

11b: Who Wood it Be?: SpongeBob starts to carve objects out of wood, and Patrick accidentally sells them for money.

12: SpongeBob Meets Mercy: SpongeBob meets Mercy, Austin and DJ from the show Mercy‘s Meeting. (maybe I could get Jeremy McAbee to animate Mercy, Austin and DJ...)

Season 2 Edit

1a: Pineapple Peril: A tree falls on SpongeBob’s house.

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