Unikitty is the titular character and protagonist of the series of the name same.

She is voiced by Tara Strong.


Unikitty is a pink unicorn-cat hybrid. She has a light pink muzzle with dark pink blush stickers that can change depending on her emotions. She has large blue eyes with an eyelash coming out of the sides of each of them. She has bright pink triangular ears with a blue unicorn horn nestled into a white casing. She wears a light green collar around her neck. Her front paws are blue with white tops, while her back paws are yellow with white tops. She has a bushy blue tail with a white underside. When she opens her mouth, there is a small fang in the top of it.

SpongeBob Unikitty Power HourEdit

One day, when she was tuning up on of Dr. Fox’s Robots, a sponge appeared in Dr. Fox's lab. The sponge did not know that this was Dr. Fox's lab so he started touching things. Unikitty confronted him and ended up taking a teleportation device that the boy had to get home, which looks like a pen. He accidentally pressed the button on the device that made him go to the boy's room.

She ended up in an ocean universe inside the sponge's room. Unikitty looked around for a device that could get her home. She checked the fishbowl, the closet, and some drawers. She then checked under the bed. Two humanoid creatures with fly-looking wings appeared. One was green-haired, green-eyed, and male and the other was pink-haired, pinked-eyed, and female. They greeted Unikitty, thinking that he was the boy, which they called, "SpongeBob". Unikitty then came out from the bed and told them that she was Unikitty, not SpongeBob. The two creatures screamed and he screamed back thinking it was the universe's greeting. She then looked outside to see a Squirrel with clones of herself on a bike. The kitty screamed to greet the Squirrel and his clones. A boy then told him, thinking that he was SpongeBob, that he would lose the science fair. While the boy was doing this, the female said that if the Unikitty finds out that they are SpongeBob's friends, they will have to go away forever. The creatures then introduced themselves by saying, "I'm Cosmo" "and I'm Wanda" "and We're... um..." Unikitty finished their thought by calling them holograms. SpongeBob's dad enters SpongeBob's room and tells "SpongeBob" that it is time to go to school. Unikitty denies that he is SpongeBob and Blackjack, SpongeBob's Babysitter takes her to Boating School. There, she finds out that Cosmo and Wanda are not allowed to be seen by humans. Unikitty thinks it is because they are Happy bugs. Unikitty finds out that there is a science fair. She goes to SpongeBob's class. There he meets, Mrs. Puff, SpongeBob's teacher. After Mrs. Puff questions SpongeBob's intelligence, Unikitty tells Mrs. Puff that she invented a teleportation device. He then uses it. Mr. Crocker is amazed and then leaves his class to go to his underground lab, called, "The Puffer Cave". She goes on her giant computer and says that they only way that SpongeBob could have changed was with the work of Fairy Godparents. She then says that he needs to get the teleportation device so that he goes to the legendary, Fairy World, the place where the most of the fairies live. Meanwhile, Unikitty ends up in SpongeBob's room. She then tries to command the teleportation device to go to Unikingdom several times, getting farther away from the room each time. Sandy eventually tells Unikitty that it only teleports to SpongeBob's room. He then finds a Game Buddy, a parody of a Game Boy. With the pen and the Game Buddy, he successfully programs the coordinates of Retroville in the Game Buddy. However, Mr. Crocker busts in and takes the Game Buddy. He then puts in the coordinates of Fairy World in and sends them to Fairy World.

Meanwhile, in Unikingdom SpongeBob puts a video game inside of one of Dr. Fox's robots while he is tuning up. SpongeBob meets Dr. Fox and Puppycorn and they have fun. They also think that he is Jimmy Neutron. Eventually, he uses a hoverboard and ends up crashing into Cindy and Libby. They meet and Timmy asks if Cindy would help him with his science fair project. Later, Goddard finishes downloading the game and is a giant monster. He then starts destroying parts of the town because the point of the game is to destroy things and other players. Eventually, Goddard eats Timmy and he is almost killed, but Cindy calls Timmy on a pen that he thought was his teleporter. Cindy tells him that to use the pen to get to safety. Eventually, Timmy stops Goddard and he returns to normal. Goddard gets a video call from Unikitty. This is when Puppycorn and Master Frown realize that SpongeBob is not Unikitty. SpongeBob asks what Unikitty is doing in Fairy World. He says that some lunatic sucked him into SpongeBob's computer simulation. (This is what Unikitty thinks Fairy World is.) SpongeBob asks, "What lunatic?" and Jimmy shows Mrs Puff. SpongeBob, yells, "No!"

He then takes a tour of Fairy World. On the tour, Mr. Crocker finds out that there is an armory with its own power source and that the Big Wand controls Fairy World and the Fairies' magic. He then leaves the tour, goes to the armory, takes some weapons, and knocks down the Big Wand. Jimmy then uses Cosmo's crown and a wire on the Big Wand to get the Game Buddy back. Cosmo says that Jimmy has to help them. Jimmy says that it does not matter what Crocker does since they are computer programs. Cosmo then presses a button on Jimmy's communicator watch. It causes Timmy to be shown in Jimmy's lab. Cosmo tells Timmy that Jimmy is just going to leave them. Jimmy tells them that they aren't real. Timmy says that they are real. He then says that they are holograms and that this is all a computer game. He then asks why they are so important. Timmy then says that the Fairies are as real to Timmy as Goddard is to Jimmy. He says that Jimmy has to save the fairies. The communication ends when Mr. Crocker shoots a magic laser at the wristwatch. Jimmy agrees to save the fairies. Using the inventions at the science fair, he is able to make a distraction for Mr. Crocker while he fixes the Big Wand. He succeeds and Mr. Crocker is defeated. He gets a message on the Game Buddy from SpongeBob. Unikitty then says that she can get home if she reverses the polarity. SpongeBob says that he can handle it. He then wishes for the Unikitty and himself to be in their hometowns. Unikitty then asks what wishing is going to do. Cosmo and Wanda then open up two portals to the other's place. Timmy and Jimmy formally meet in the Void.

Later, at the Science fair, SpongeBob does not have a project and Unikitty and Dr. Fox helps by sending a Robot. SpongeBob then wins first place.

SpongeBob Unikitty Power Hour 2Edit

One day, SpongeBob and Unikitty are throwing a Friday the 13th Party at their Worlds. Unikitty is at her kingdom preparing when he gets a call saying that her archenemy, Master Frown, has worked with another of Timmy's villains, Vicky, to rob the Retroville Bank. They are using Lord Boxman' robot suit. K.O. finds them. Lord Boxman ejects Dr. Moist for not watching out for Jimmy. Jimmy then defeats Professor Calamitous with the help of Jimmy's Robo-Walker. Erid and Rad run up saying that they want to help. K.O. tells them that he has already taken care of Professor Calamitous. Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda appear. Cosmo and Wanda get used to their new dimension. Jimmy notices that Timmy has arrived. Timmy tells Cosmo and Wanda to hide. They hide in a wristwatch communicator. Jimmy walks up to Timmy and asks what he is doing there. Timmy says that he is there to ask Cindy on a date to his party. Timmy, Carl, and Sheen fly to Cindy's house. Jimmy follows them. Timmy, Carl, and Sheen crash in Cindy's room. Cindy is surprised to Timmy. Jimmy and Timmy say that they want to take Cindy to their dance. The two then have an invention fight. Eventually, it gets to rockets. They start flying around.

Meanwhile, in Fairy World, Anti-SpongeBob, SpongeBob's evil genius Anti-Fairy, a race that is the opposite of fairies, counterpart, enters the Fairy World Prison, which he had escaped with the help of Timmy and his fairies, to save the other Anti-Cartoons who are trapped in Anti-Fairy World on Friday the 13th, which is the Anti-Fairies' special holiday. On this day, they cause bad luck. Jorgen Von Strangle, the toughest fairy in the universe and the guard of the prison, finds Anti-Cosmo and is about to send him back to Anti-Fairy World, but Anti-Cosmo spills salt on Jorgen causing his shoelaces to tie causing him to fall. Anti-SpongeBob is about to escape when Jorgen gets up and makes Da Rules, the Fairies' rules, appear. He changing the rule that says that Anti-Fairies are invisible on Earth to say that they are visible on Earth. He also adds locks on the prison that no one in this universe can open, but him. Anti-Cosmo escapes. He realizes that Jorgen said that no one in this universe can open it. This makes him realize that there are other universes, which causes him to think of a loophole.

Meanwhile, with Lord Boxman, he is looking for through applications for his new collaborators to help him to destroy K.O. Lord Boxman' Neutron Detector picks up Jimmy. A camera Shows Jimmy and Timmy fighting in their rockets. Professor Calamitous notices that SpongeBob is fighting K.O..

Jimmy notices Patrick and Squidward. They give up their disguise. Cosmo and Wanda notice a mountain. Cosmo then says, "Mountain!" Timmy's rocket moves past the mountain, but Jimmy's crashes. He falls out of the rocket. Patrick tells SpongeBob that he needs to save both Unikitty and K.O. He does so by using a tractor beam.

Lord Boxman, sees Cosmo and Wanda and says that they will be his new collaborators.

Cindy appears and Timmy takes her to his universe. Jimmy says that he is going to Bikini Bottom. Lord Boxman says that he is too.

Later, Zim finishes his universal portal. Lord Boxman watches him. He sets the coordinates to Bikini Bottom. Gaz says that she is coming with him. Dib and GIR also want to go. They enter the portal. Lord Boxman takes this opportunity to enter Zim's lab. Jimmy, Libby, Sheen, and Carl enter the portal and hit the "Welcome to Dimmsdale" sign. Sheen notices his loss of a dimension. Jimmy says that they will have to split up to find Timmy and Cindy.

Later, with Lord Boxman, he enters Bikini Bottom and is holding Zim's hypercube. He hits the forgt of SpongeBob's house". Here, Mr. Crocker is posting a note that reads, "Home of Crocker's Party!" This scene is Mrs. Puff and Lord Boxman' first meeting. Mr. Crocker walks away. Professor Calamitous checks the storage cube for something that can help him.

Meanwhile, with Jimmy, he is at Timmy's house which has been turned into a mansion because Timmy wished that they will be millionaires to fulfill one of Cindy's dreams. Timmy's dad opens the door and Jimmy starts to asks where Timmy is, but Timmy's dad stops him, thinking it is Timmy in a reality avoidance costume. He thinks that Timmy's date was a disaster. Timmy's mom appears and she tells him to clean the toilets.

Later, Jimmy finishes clean the toilets. Timmy's dad walks in and kicks Jimmy out to use the toilet. Timmy's mom walks in and gives Jimmy a giant toothbrush, saying that he is going to need it.

Later, Jimmy walks out after cleaning the toilets again. Professor Calamitous walks nears and notices Jimmy. He thinks that he can get rid of Jimmy by using one of his own weapons. He takes an invention out and uses it. However, it is not a weapon. It is a flight device. He flies by Jimmy who notices him. Jimmy then notices his hypercube. On it, there is a list for Calamitous. On it, there is "Travel to Parrell Universe" (this is already checked), "Capture Big Tooth's Flying Helpers", and "Destroy Neutron!" Timmy's dad walks out and Jimmy runs away.

Meanwhile, With Lord Boxman, he flies under ladders, through a mirror factory, and hits a black cat adoption agency. This causes Anti-Cosmo to appear. Professor Calamitous says that he never had that much bad luck in his universe. Professor Calamitous notices that Anti-Cosmo looks like Timmy's fairies. Anti-Cosmo agrees given Professor Calamitous does one favor for him.

At the Fairy World Prison, Jorgen has put each criminal in a separate cage. Lord Boxman walks by and asks Binky, a guard, if the button he is about to press is the Emergency Release Button. Binky says that it is and Lord Boxman presses it. This allows the Anti-Cartoon to escape. Lord Boxman says that now that he has done that Anti-SpongeBob has to help him. Anti-SpongeBob betrays Lord Boxman and puts him in a prison cell with Jorgen. He then leaves. However, he forgets to take the keys out of the prison and they escape.

In Bikini Bottom, on a bridge, SpongeBob is about to ask Tak to his dance when Unikitty and K.O. shows up. K.O. tells them that Boxman followed him and is trying to use Timmy's "computer programs" for evil. SpongeBob says that there is nothing to worry about. A wormhole opens and Anti-Fairies fly out. Anti-Unikitty, Anti-SpongeBob's wife and Unikitty's evil idiotic counterpart, greets the three. Anti-SpongeBob tells them that he can now send the Anti-Cartoons to halt the Earth's rotation, so that it is Friday the 13th forever. K.O. asks why he would tell them that. Anti-SpongeBob says that it is because he knows that they cannot stop him.

Tak says that SpongeBob said that there was nothing to worry about. SpongeBob then says that he is not worried. Unikitty says that she should be because of his evil computer programs. Forgetting that Jimmy thinks the Fairies belong to Timmy, he denies that they are his. Timmy says that they need to find Cosmo and Wanda to stop the Anti-Fairies. Cindy says that they could be anywhere because Timmy gave them to Carl, Sheen, and Libby and Carl wished for them to be where the llamas are.

Using garbage, Jimmy fashions a device that will allow them to find Libby by the amount of funk in the area.

Meanwhile, Anti-Cosmo splits up the Anti-Fairies into two groups: the one that will stop the rotation of the Earth and the one that will cause as much bad luck as possible.

Meanwhile, with Jimmy, Cindy, and Timmy, they find Carl, Libby, Sheen, Cosmo, and Wanda. They are suffering wish overload. Timmy tells Libby to wish Cosmo and Wanda back to him. She does so and Timmy wishes all of the wishes that the three made where gone. He then wishes that the Anti-Fairies where gone. However, the Anti-Fairies are too powerful. Timmy gets an idea. He shouts, "Crocker's Lab!" and then corrects himself because he is in front of Cindy, by calling it his other lab. Cosmo and Wanda poof them and the kids to the Crocker Cave.

The kids appear in the lab. Timmy notices a sign that reads, "The Crocker Cave" and tells Cosmo and Wanda about it. They change it to read, "The Timmy Cave". After Jimmy and Timmy fight for a bit, Timmy walks over to a chest and throws out some of Mr. Crocker's inventions. He eventually, finds a butterfly net. Cosmo and Wanda freak out. Jimmy and Cindy are confused. Timmy explains that if it has wings and flies a butterfly net can catch it. Jimmy takes the net and combines with this hypercube to make a device that can capture and store the Anti-Fairies. Cosmo and Wanda poof them away.

The kids land in Downtown Dimmsdale. Timmy explains that they have to get all of the Anti-Fairies in one place, so that Jimmy can suck them up with his hypercube net. The kids start making bad luck happen. They cause so much bad luck that the Anti-Fairies that are assigned to stop the Earth's rotation, stop and follow the bad luck. Jimmy captures the Anti-Fairies in his hypercube net. Timmy and Jimmy fight over Cindy. In the fight, the hypercube falls out. Professor Calamitous and Jorgen notice the hypercube. They each go for it. Professor Calamitous wanting the Anti-Fairies for evil and Jorgen wanting them to put them in prison. Jimmy and Timmy stop fighting. Timmy tries to stop the two from getting the cube by using a gene splicer he got from his friend's lab earlier. This causes Professor Calamitous' head to be attached to Jorgen's body, in addition to Jorgen's head. Professor Calamitous also has control of Jorgen. He then "destroys" Jimmy and Timmy and takes Cindy to Retroville.

Later, in Retroville, Calamitous explains what he has done while in Retroville. He has terrorized the inhabitants with Prehistoric Creatures, prisoned Jimmy’s parents and Goddard in carbonite, and prepared a delicious picnic lunch. After lunch, Calamitous-Jorgen poofs up a bomb called, “The Big Bang Bomb”. It is so powerful that it will make the Earth go back to its original state, so that Professor Calamitous can make the Earth in his image.

Meanwhile, in Dimmsdale, Libby, Carl, Sheen, Cosmo, and Wanda are still grieving over the loss of Jimmy and Timmy. Jimmy and Timmy, now in snail form crawl out and Wanda says that Jorgen’s magic did not destroy them, but turned them into snails. Libby recaps what has happened and the boys agree to work together. Cosmo and Wanda poof the boys back to normal.

Back in Retroville, Calamitous-Jorgen is programming the bomb. Cindy thinks that Calamitous will also be killed. Calamitous-Jorgen then poofs up a magical desk that will allow him to survive. He then turns Cindy into a goldfish. Calamitous-Jorgen then turns on the bomb. Cosmo, Wanda, Sheen, Carl, and Libby inside Jimmy’s rocket, poof into Retroville. They fly around to distract Calamitous-Jorgen, so Timmy and Jimmy can appear with invisibility. Jimmy and Timmy get to the top of the bomb and notice that Cindy is a fish. Jimmy is about to defuse the bomb, when Cindy suggests that Timmy defuse the bomb. Jimmy says that Timmy is not smart and Timmy denies this. Timmy gets angry and starts pressing buttons on the bomb’s keyboard. The bomb shakes and Timmy stops pressing buttons. Meanwhile, Calamitous-Jorgen is controlling the rocket with a magic force field. Calamitous notices Jimmy and Timmy and releases the rocket, causing the children to fall out. Cosmo and Wanda give the children parachutes. Calamitous wonders why the Jimmy and Timmy are alive. Jorgen explains that his magic cannot kill people because it is against Da Rules. Calamitous captures Jimmy, Timmy, and Cindy in a magic force field. Calamitous is about to try to kill them again, but Jorgen repeats that it is against Da Rules to kill people. Timmy notices that when Jorgen is angry, he has control over Jorgen’s body. Jimmy says that they need to keep Jorgen angry. Timmy calls for his fairies. He tells them that they need to make as much crazy magic as possible. Wanda says that she is not a loose cannon and Cosmo says that he is. He then asks where they are going to get someone who is as dangerously off kilter as Cosmo. They choose Sheen. Sheen is then transformed into “Fairy Boy”. Cosmo and Fairy Boy start doing things that are crazy. This makes Jorgen mad. Jorgen-Calamitous transforms Cindy back to normal. Timmy notices that just making Jorgen mad is not enough to break him free of Calamitous’ control. Timmy says that they have to break Da Rules. Timmy starts making fake wishes that would break the rules, which in actuality could not be granted by fairies since any wish that is against the rules results in the fairy’s/fairies’ wand(s) not working, and Jimmy and his friends play along. The final wish is Jimmy wishing that Timmy was dead. This breaks Jorgen out of Calamitous’ control. Cindy throws Jimmy A.J.’s atom splicer. Jimmy uses it and separates Jorgen and Calamitous. Jorgen uses his magic to shrink Calamitous inside of a jar. Timmy says that the adventure was awesome. Cindy says that Timmy should not be modest and that it was Timmy who deactivated the bomb. Timmy remembers the bomb and how he did not deactivated it. The bomb then goes off, but before it can do any damage, Jorgen uses his magic to make the explosion implode until it no longer dangerous. He also undoes every wish that was made in Retroville, including Fairy Boy, excluding Jorgen’s wish to shrink Calamitous and put him in a jar. Libby then asks Cindy whom she will be taking to the dance. Cindy says that she realizes that Timmy is not a genius. She cannot decide who to go with and says that there should be a way to go with both of them. Jorgen then helps her since the kids helped Jorgen stop the Anti-Fairies and got him free from Calamitous. He uses his magic to make, as Libby calls it, “The World’s First Ever Multi-dimensional Dance Party”. It features both the Dimmsdale Elementary School gym and the Lindbergh Elementary School, the school that Jimmy goes to, gym. While the group is partying, Carl wishes that Calamitous could be replaced with Judy Neutron. Wanda grants his wish. There is a rule that is speculated to have been caused from this episode, where no one can wish for something to happen in a universe that is not The Fairly OddParents! universe.

SpongeBob Unikitty Power Hour 3Edit

Jimmy wants to hang out with Timmy. They fight crime in Retroville and Chincinatti, the fictional hometown of Timmy’s favorite comic book hero, The Crimson Chin. Before this, Timmy wants to hang out with Chester, Timmy's friend, who turns out to be busy moving some furniture around, and A.J., Timmy's other friend, who cryogenically freezes himself. Timmy says that he is going to go to Retroville. After the two fight crime in Chincinatti, Chester is done with his work and notices that Timmy is hanging out with a new kid. Chester wakes up A.J., who thinks he is in the future. Chester and A.J. follow Timmy and Jimmy, who end up at Timmy’s treehouse. Timmy and Jimmy get bored with fighting the villains that exist, so they decide to create a new one. They go through Jimmy’s latest invention, the Porta-Portal. A.J. and Chester follow them. Here, they meet Sheen, Libby, Carl, and Cindy. Timmy and Jimmy succeed at creating the villain, which Jimmy later names, “Shirley”. However, the villain is nice because Wanda wanted them to add sweet emotions. When they were making Shirley, Wanda complained that they would toss him out like some of Timmy’s toys and friends. Timmy was supposed to make Shirley “adoptable”, but instead made him “adaptable”. When Timmy and Jimmy get bored of Shirley, they decide to make a new villain, leaving Shirley at the mall. Shirley becomes angry and then goes after Timmy and Jimmy. Eventually, Shirley eats Cosmo and Wanda’s wands, giving him magical powers, and makes Jimmy stupid, giving him Jimmy’s intelligence. Later, Shirley moves some of the objects and people from both Dimmsdale and Retroville and enslaves the people in a universe similar to the one Shirley was in before Cosmo and Wanda used their magic to make him real. Later, Jimmy and Timmy learn that they should not have blown off their friends. A.J. eventually learns that he never left the 21st Century. Later, Jimmy, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Sheen, Libby, Chester, Cindy, and A.J. join forces and make Shirley adapt away his powers. The kids then capture Shirley in a butterfly net, which does not allow Cosmo and Wanda’s powers to be used. Shirley barfs out Cosmo and Wanda’s wands to adapt the magic away. Feeling sorry for Shirley, Jimmy and Timmy allow Shirley to open up a pizza shop in Dimmsdale. Jimmy was given his intelligence back.

For more about Jimmy's part of crossovers that he appears in, See the "History" section below.

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