YellowBoy "CheeseGuy[1]" is a fan-made SpongeBob creation created by JoJoMKWUTeam. He has holes that look like eyes and a mouth. He can talk "Sponge" and "Hetica" languages. He wears blue pants but he doesn't have any legs. YellowBoy is a sponge, however, people call him YellowBoy because he is Yellow. YellowBoy is also named "CheeseGuy". YellowBoy's last name is not shown due to him removing it long ago. YellowBoy was born on August 24, 2004, meaning he is 14 years old.

Trivia Edit

  • YellowBoy has a cousin called SpongeAustin.
  • YellowBoy stars in the show "YellowBoy The Sponge".
  • "Hetica" is the second "Sponge" language.
  • YellowBoy used to have a last name back when he born but he changed that his father changed that when YellowBoy was 4 because YellowBoy didn't like it. He was called "YellowBoy SquareSponge". This went for the same for the YellowBoy family, also they changed their names too.
  1. Nickname for YellowBoy
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